Conan The Avenger Issue 10 Review

   Anthony Palumbo's cover art is very rich in texture and realistic facial expressions. Just look at Conan's snorting while in the midst of battle. Unfortunately this cover is on a issue I can't recommend. Though Fred Van Lente is usually a stellar writer his work on this issue could have used a little improvement. First off his Conan comes across as a bit of a jovial fellow. If there were not so many indicators to tell me otherwise I would almost think this was Hercules from Marvel. In fact Conan is a bit more stoic according to Robert E. Howard's works.

   Now the interior art is a bit hit and miss. For example while the first page is somewhat epic, I could tell that the second panel showing Thoth-Amon's ringed hand was probably taken from somewhere. This is not to insult Brian Ching but I do not want to think Golden Age Green Lantern/Black Lantern Ring meets Hyborian Age Wizard. Seriously throughout this story I was more curious if Thoth-Amon was going to pick up a lantern versus worrying about his scheme. The art also feels to me like it needs to be a little more polished. So Dark Horse might want to get Ching an inker for a time.

  Finally I think there is potential in this creative team, but they need to work on fixing these issues.


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