Conan Red Sonja Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Major Spoilers Beyond This Point!

    This comic almost succeeded in getting a recommendation, but I don't recommend it due to the following reasons: Weird finger positions on Red Sonja's and Thoth-Amon's hands, A narration flaw, "broken back syndrome," 180 degree rule breaking, and the choice of Thoth-Amon. The fingers are not that noticeable a problem unless you are really looking at every bit of the art. While the "broken back syndrome" happens with Red Sonja on the cover, along with the finger problem mentioned previously. The 180 degree rule of visual story-telling is broken with Conan speaking from one direction and then apparently 'teleporting' behind Red Sonja.

    Now the final problems are more troublesome then the others. The choice of Thoth-Amon as the villain shows a surprising lack of creativity for these normally awesome writers. Either Gail Simone and Jim Zub should have been able to come up with an original choice. Of course Thoth-Amon has more awareness in the minds of long-time fans makes him easier to write. Though this may have been all the writers cared about since this is an inter-company crossover. The narration flaw happens when the narrator talks about the past and then talks about said events in the present tense. This is just a bad bit of writing that should not have made it past the editing staff.

   So as I stated at the beginning I don't recommend this issue.


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