In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 37

   I found the monster's 1990s English dub "wax museum" threat very funny! Though the fact that humans are being turned into monsters is weird. I mean why not have members of Beryl's seemingly large court being chosen to fight the scouts? Still finding Artemis to be a douchebag of a cat in the English dub from the 1990s. I like the original English episode title more than the long-winded Japanese episode title.

   Questions Time! How come Tuxedo Mask can fly in this version but not in Crystal? How does Sailor Moon know to use the wand instead of the Tiara in both this episode and the last one? Does the reveal of who "Control" is mean that there are not more reincarnated people activated at this time? Am I the only one who thinks Haruna sounds like a screeching cat in both dubs when she tells Usagi to leave the room? Why didn't the original English dubbers use the term frisbee like the Japanese subtitles did?


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