In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 38

     This latest trap by Kunzite should have at least made one of the scouts, Ami perhaps, suspicious of  it. I mean the Moon Princess part is way too obvious. Even if the contest was real the scouts should be on guard for stuff like this happening! Also while I did like Yuichiro's English persona better in his original appearance, I prefer his Japanese self for this episode. The Japanese dialogue makes more sense in this episode due to the English version being off in the mouth movements.

 Questions! Why do Usagi and Rei fail to think to transform in this episode when initially trapped? Shouldn't they be cold in the scout uniforms during the battle? Sense magic is involved shouldn't the outfits be able to change for the external temps and environments the scouts could face? Why is Sailor Moon referred to as a thing in the American Theme Song?


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