In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 39

    Well at least it wasn't as obvious a trap as last episode's. Also Jupiter really has to get over this broken heart leads to new level thing or at least consider therapy as an idea. Seriously her behavior does not make her a good role model in either version. I still feel Artemis is coming across as a bit of a douchebag. I wish I had more of a reaction, besides the monster change appearing to me to border on adult sensibilities, but I just have questions for the most part this time.

    Questions, queries, And confounding thoughts Oh My! Why does Tuxedo Mask compliment Usagi's returned skating skills? Why is there a constant stereotyping of blondes as less intelligent in this anime? I mean just look at Mina as well. If skates suddenly appear to help Usagi in an Ice Rink, then why do the scouts never have pants or any other major changes for the cold? Why did the skates appear in the first place? How come nobody was hurt by the skates when the Scouts are falling due to Usagi's clumsy ways? Shouldn't Beryl have punished the prince by now? So the monster reversing happens and the pro athletes are just skating as if that solved the partnership's problems why exactly?


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