In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 40

   DIC cut Luna's scene and the reasoning for the Scouts sudden appearance at the resort, thus making the English dub for this episode the worse version. However that is not all they also didn't catch several other obvious mistakes such as the lack the mother's fear and Ami's saying "smercury" instead of "Mercury." Though that is not as wrong as what the Japanese dubbed dad implies with his word choice in the car. Seriously Usagi's dad makes it sound like he is being cuckolded by his daughter possibly dating. What the hell! Finally I really don't see the point of this episode other than as filler.

   Query Time! Does anyone else think the Japanese version of ending makes it look like Usagi has been dunked under water too long? How does being the Yokai being sent to an afterlife equal her being punished? So how does the Yokai woman being sent to the same afterlife not result in a demonic presence in that afterlife once she encounters the couple?


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