Not Recommended Comics List 4 Of Marvelously Joe Edition

1. G.I. Joe Special Missions #6 from 1987. This is a pretty pointless issue where the mission began in an issue of G. I. Joe A Real American Hero and isn't even resolved in this comic. Also the villain is an ill-thought out stock character with a very generic villain name. I do not recommend this comic, unless you want a complete collection or happen to buy a trade with this in it.

2. The Isis story from Shazam! #25 circa 1976 has a weak plot and a character who is saved in a way that should've resulted in her dying. If that were not bad enough Captain Marvel the titular character is reduced to a cameo appearance in his own title. As for the second story featuring Captain Marvel it has the villain wearing a disguise for no reason and then tipping off the hero to his plan.

3. X-Force #91 from 1999 is all over the place in terms of the art and some of the art is nightmare inducing bad. The cover suggests a character study of the super-heroine Siryn, but the story quickly and frequently deviates from said study.

4. G.I. Joe Special Missions #12 has the Joe team as celebrities in an airshow for the public and yet this is supposed to be a book on their covert missions. FAIL!


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