Q2: The Return Of Quantum And Woody Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers Beyond This Point!

  Well Christopher Priest pulled off a satisfying conclusion except for one thing: Where in the hell did Jonathan end up? Yes I know there were previous issues in this mini-series that I did not recommend, but this weird story already had enough on the last few pages to warrant a sequel. So will we see this creative team return, and bring back Jonathan, for "Quantum And Woody: The Dark Quantum Strikes' or is this it?*

   Personally I found this to be a good enough issue, and conclusion, that I am recommending it and the series in collected format. My reasoning is: Decent art for most of the scenes, some great jokes and general thoughts, and though convoluted at times the story was fine for returning comic pros. Finally I am hopeful it will be better in the possible sequel.

  *Valiant, if you guys use that title idea can I get a special thanks in the first issue?


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