Rai Issue 7 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    The art work and coloring is a little muddy on certain pages, particularly around Momo in the college(?) flashback scene. This causes a problem when trying to identify the extent of the change that Momo went through in the past. Now the art and colors do improve again after a few pages, but it was annoying to not be immediately immersed in the book.

    Regarding Silk acting the villain, I personally think he might have gotten stupider or at least complacent after such a long life. My reasoning is that he seems to think the 'father' entity would reward him with something other than death. In other words this is an interesting character development. As for Spylocke I did not expect his meeting with this character and his familiar looking followers on Earth. it is because of this twist and the other surprise that I am recommending this issue.


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