Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 Infiltration: Sailor Mars

   It is cool that the opening song images have been adjusted for the new villains. Speaking of new characters I am hoping that when they pick Chibi-Usa's voice actress for the English dubbing that she sounds age appropriate and yet can pull off the tense scene at the beginning. I am curious why there were two twin aliens at the beginning of Sailor Moon R and this does not. Finally I  loved the music during the mind-altering scene.

   Questions this time are: Why does Venus call it a "Love-Me Chain?" What happened to the other nuns? Did the Dark Moon psychic actually recruit anyone? Should I refer to the character known as "Wise Man" as "Creepy Cloak" instead? Anyone else think of the saying "I hope Senpai notices me" when Makoto is called "Sempai?"


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