Sailor Moon Crystal Act 16 Abduction: Sailor Mercury Opinion Piece

    Usagi's mother's talk of pancakes and worry is one way to get Chibi-Usagi off screen. Also I did like the flashback during the chess battle that hints of abandonment versus simple divorce. Plus the chess battle was just the right length for it to seem to be a quick pro match. Another thing I am liking is the parent/parental figure-child relationship in this episode. In fact I prefer it over Sailor Moon R's English dub's more unnatural feel to the Chibi-Usa and Mamoru scenes. Of course it helps to know who Chibi-Usa is and not having Usagi be, or seeming, jealous of her.

    Only three questions this time and they are: Where did the Tuxedo Mask Puppet come from? Why is the baddies' energy pillar called a crystal? What is up with the codes and operation names?


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