Tomb Raider Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   Several problem occur in this issue. A two-fold problem exists around the attempt to recruit Lara to the misogynistic bad guy cult/society. First off the insane recruiter fails to get fully developed as a character. Second if he was supposed to be important why kill him off so fast? (I acknowledge that this offer was insane, but someone was bound to make it.) This problem leads to the next problem.

  While the train that does the killing apparently is close enough to leave blood splatters on Lara and her friend it does not move their clothes. I would think if they were that close there would be movement of their clothes, though this may be a misconception on my part. Also how did Lara and her friend get done so quickly with dealing with questions from the police? I have to consider this because of the blood splatters and how impossible this would make moving around the city. Finally the fact they got back in time for Lara to do a lead role in a play makes zero sense.*

I will give kudos for the art and the disgusting stage fright sequence. Kudos also for the dialogue. However the problems are too illogical for me to ignore, so I can't recommend this issue.

*The play would have been called off by the time she made it back. Even if it was not it would still have gotten underway by the time Lara returned.


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