Tomb Raider Issue 13 Review

    Damn this cover art is blurry and obviously referenced for Lara's facial region. In my opinion this is the first truly exceptionally bad tomb raider cover art this series has had. Either Brenoch Adams was rushed for some reason or a lot more practice is simply required. There are also problems with the interior work by artist Derlis Santacruz and inker Andy Owens. The depth is lacking in terms of atmosphere and there is a lack of dimension with certain body parts. Another problem is the sense of consistency devolves with each page. There is one problem with the lettering that is partly due to the lack of consistency in the art. Finally the script could use some work on sequential narrative, pacing and character voices.

    I do not recommend this issue of Tomb Raider, but I do hope the creative team can pull off the next issue successfully.


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