Tomb Raider: Volume 1: Season Of The Witch Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  I was not sure if I would be into able to understand this story arc seeing as I did not have any knowledge of the rebooted games. Luckily it is a pretty straight forward collected edition that references just enough of the game's plot while telling its own storyline. Each character is well thought out in terms of their personalities and not lacking some kind of past. For example the traitorous tour guide in issue 1 seems to have a very devious past. The mystery featured in this first collection is carefully solved along with Lara and her friends, which is a hard thing to do without seasoned readers guessing the answers.

   Now as for the art, I found it to be beautifully choreographed during the action scenes and able to tell a narrative by itself. However I found the covers collected within the trade to be non-essential to most of the storyline. Seeing as how they are visuals that suggest different stories for Lara Croft I personally would rather they have been posters versus covers.

  I recommend this collection for both fans and non-fans of the Tomb Raider franchise. Also recommended for teens and adults looking for strong women characters.


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