X Issue 22 Review

     The musculature of the Mark and Archon on the cover could be better in terms of the line work, but otherwise this is a very well done cover. As for the writing there is very realistic dialogue and the titular character's thoughts really drive home his psychosis. In fact one bit of dialogue is extremely funny in how it relates to a certain current police issue. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger in how it leaves things. While the ending could have been written better, in terms of the crossover to Captain Midnight, it is still a fine way to end the issue. I say this because the art really combines well to show the horrific action in this issue that could trigger people who have survived moments like 9/11, earthquakes and other disasters.

     I recommend this comic for anyone of age who thinks they can handle the possibility of bad memories being triggered, because not everyone will be able to handle the art in this comic.


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