X-O Manowar Issue 32 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The all three cover fail to represent this issue. In my opinion the Armorine leg cover is the worst of the three. Though the designs of the front part fail to impress the interior narrative does succeed. The art is great in terms of the line work, letter placement and coloring. I have only one problem with the well written conclusion to this story arc. This problem is the twist ending, that readers have been hit with repeated foreshadowing of over the course of the last few issues, being underdeveloped. How does the Mrs. flip the personal assistant and other corporate higher-ups to her side? bribes, threats, promises, seduction?*

   This issue is recommended in collected form if you want the complete story arc, but single issue if you want to skip the previous issues that I did not recommend. 

   *I honestly now want a Valiant-sized special where we find out the answer. If we do get this special then hopefully it will be focusing on all the mentioned methods. Anyone else who wants to see this should talk to those working for Valiant during convention season.


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