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Horror-Romance Brought From Sweden To America Dark Horse Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Comics master Kim W. Andersson has received Sweden’s most prestigious comics award, and in October, his horror-romance comics will be collected by Dark Horse for the first time in Andersson’s US graphic novel debut, The Complete Love Hurts. Tennyson wrote, “’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Well, Tennyson never met these lovers! In this massive tome of romance comics with brutal, terrible twists, Swedish comics creator Kim W. Andersson, whose graphic novel Alena is currently being adapted into a movie, delivers a shocking series of short stories about love gone horribly wrong! Featuring lovelorn supervillains, psychopathic online daters, murderous reality TV show stars, and heartbroken cowboys, samurais, and astronauts, Love Hurts shows that no matter who you are or what you do, love can be one deadly bitch! With a foreword by Peter Snejbjerg (B.P.R.D., Starman, Preacher), The Complete Love Hurts hits stores Octo…

Archie's Pal Jughead Archives Volume One Review

There are dramatic changes depending on the style such as Archie's Pal Jughead #2's cover having a shrunken bucktoothed Archie. Even within Archie's Pal Jughead #1 there are obvious style differences. For example page 30 shows Soupy and Jughead in one style and a woman in various styles. There are bits of slang no one probably ever spouted even back in the original publication period. Some of the proto-versions of characters, such as Midge and Moose, do not resemble their current incarnations. However all of these things are great for the historian comic book readers. Especially interesting is the well written introduction by Colleen Coover that points out these kind of past differences.

   I recommend this collection of classic stories for the die-hard fans, historians, scholars, students of art. Though I think one should be careful if buying this edition for modern children, because you might end up having to explain certain things to them.

The Valiant Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Well this issue is a bit of a letdown for those like me who originally thought this would end in a clear victory for the heroes. However while there is a single typo, a mystery, and an unclear status quo set-up by the ending this is not a bad comic. In my opinion this is a real mature comic in the sense that the characters act like real people even with the fantastical elements. The love story and artistic expressions and designs help with all these things. Overall I feel this event could have been better with handling Breaker and the mystery of the box, but it is what it is. Finally I recommend this issue and the eventual collected edition.

A List Of Shows I Recommend For Kids That I Think Are Timeless

1. Bravestarr for the same reason as He-Man and She-Ra, and the fact that Bravestarr is not being white.

2. He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe by Filmation is just great at presenting compelling characters and pro-social messages.

3. She-Ra for the same reasons as He-Man

4. Walt Disney's Zorro starring Guy Williams. Timeless adventure combined with great comedy and music.

5. Boy Meets World and its continuation Girl Meets World are funny and speak to kids, teens, and adults with important life lessons.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ahh Don't Look Edition

1. The Flash #80 from 1993 is almost entirely overdone exposition and a battle scene. No real character moments or plot equals a failed set-up to a multi-part story.

2. 1981's Dazzler #2 is too reliant on guest-starring heroes and obvious exposition. There is also the fact the Human Torch, while using his powers on page 2, does not burn up his fancy suit or shoes. This does not make sense.

3. Do not recommend shaking up a status quo if it is unnecessary. Best example of this problem is the constant events big and small from Marvel and DC. Think Infinite Crisis leading 52 leading to Countdown leading to Final Crisis, etc.

4. The Flash #105 from 1995 is unnecessary filler with interesting bits camouflaging the junk. It shows an abusive relationship between Mirror Master that is kind of a stock "women in refrigerators" plot. The story's plot is very limited in exploring this abusive relationship and too easily resolved. Trauma does not leave people smiling after an atta…

Neverboy Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The idea of imaginary friends is nothing new, but the way the narrative is constructed makes this comic worth reading. Each page reveals more layers to the story and by the end a compelling mystery adventure is presented. Neverboy #1 does what a first issue of an ongoing should and presents interesting characters, good art, and a desire to see what happens next. In regards to the art, it is at times psychedelic even during "normal" moments. This is mainly because of the line work evoking this wild mindset. I recommend this first issue for those looking for a book outside of their "regular" frame of reference.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 3

Creepy! The alien guy is creepy, and Usagi is creepy with the drawings. Though she is a good artist. This episode made me remember the fact that I started getting out of Sailor Moon around the Doom Tree arc when I was a kid.

  Wait! the English version said that Beryl was forced back into the Negaverse, but this episode's english version contradicts it. So were her ashes sent back in the English Dub's continuity?

  As for my likes and dislikes they are as follows: I like Mamoru's unconscious new persona. The pop song does not really work with the footage in the English dub. Though the Japanese song, which I can't understand, is only slightly better fitting. I also did not like the way they edited the hospital scene in both dubs. Too much of the color red. The rain sparkling in the flashbacks was cool. Finally I really like the mention of anemia in the original dub.

   Questions! Why does the lion have a pinwheel? How did the bloody scene get past the censors in Ameri…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 2

Mamoru has a different amount of job security depending on whether one watches the Japanese Dub (TV Studio) or the English Dub (Movie Studio). The memory loss is rather stupid to have for the first story arc back, but than I don't appreciate embarrassing comedic moments. Liking the Japanese music better in this season/series. Man the editing of Luna being in two places at once was horribly odd! Both versions of the studio staff's personalities are kind of true, but I feel the English Dub is a bit truer.

   Why does Usagi lack knowledge, or for that matter common sense, about what people may or may not remember? I mean did Luna not explain this to her? How come the writers of the original Japanese Dub reset her to flighty mode after the episode? Does anyone know the definition of Makai? Assuming it is different than the Hawaiian definition? So why are the Moon Stick and Crystal missing? What is with the bunny frame at the end of the Japanese dub?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Recommended Comics Recommendations Edition

1. TheFlash #104 from 1995 is a good conclusion to a two-part story. It also works by itself due to the natural exposition in the dialogue. There is a plot-hole in the werewolf/demon attackers abilities, however it is not that big a deal.

2. G.I. Combat #252 from 1983 is a war anthology comic where all the stories are recommended. One story even deals with racial tensions in World War 2 while involving a ninja.

3. All-Out War #3 published by DC around late 1979/early 1980. Great variety in this war anthology comic featuring the Viking Commando and Force 3.

4. Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor #10 is an interesting issue that explores a dark version of The Doctor and his faults. Not the best comic ever, but a decent read for fans of the Matt Smith Doctor.

Deathlok Issue 6 Day Of Release Mini-Review

This is a much better issue than the past few in the series. Whereas the past few issues barely evolve the character and plot this is does the opposite. Part of the evolution is in the line work, choreography, and coloring choices, all of which are excellent. Each new narrative twist in this issue moves things along by miles instead of inches. I recommend this issue as a good solid suspense comic.

The Goon Once Upon A Hard Time Issue 2 Day Of Release Mini-Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning

   This issue may make sense in a collected edition, but it fails as a single issue of The Goon. It is basically just an adaptation of The Island Of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells. Sure the art is great in terms of line work, but this is somewhat lazy work from a writing perspective. If it had focused less on the adaptation visuals and more on Goon's reactions and actions it would be a decent issue. Anyone looking for noir or humor involving Goon or his supporting cast of characters should just look elsewhere, or in other words this issue is not recommended.

Secret Avengers Issue 14 Day Of Release Mini-Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

While this is not a great issue in terms of sequential story-telling, it does stand on its own. The only problems with it are the fourth wall break and the constant jumping around in time. Though these are not terrible problems for a veteran comics reader they are still problems for the inexperienced. I am recommending this issue for the experienced reader, because the art is well crafted and the dialogue is funny and interesting.

Ivar Timewalker Issue 3 Review

This series was rocking and now in it's third issue it falls to just a decent level. Part of the problem is the opening of the issue and the other part is the lack of "stun." In regards to the opening, it has the flaw of readers needing to turn comic upside down to read the story. Not a fun aspect even with the tragedy/comedy joke. Now as for what I mean by "stun" we get nothing narratively surprising or amazing to see. Yes the art is gorgeous and there are some interesting things to ponder. However there is nothing to wow the reader with originality like the first two issues had.

     Thus my verdict is to recommend this comic, but not to readers who have yet to read issues one and two.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Deathlok The Out-Spoken Edition

1. The 'Deathlok The Demolisher' story in Astonishing Tales #31 from 1975. This story has great art but too much writing. Also the font choice for the computer makes it unclear if the lettering has typos or just the illusion of typos.

2. Also found in the above comic is an advert for G.I. Joe toys titled 'G.I. Joe Meets The Amazing Atomic Man!' which has two logic flaws. The flaws are tied together in that a random stranger can join G. I. Joe at their Secret H.Q. and that they let him join without a background check. Not only does that happen but he is suddenly given the title of "Major" for no apparent reason. WTH!

3. The New Avengers Annual #1 from 2006 fails because of the story and out of character moments. It starts fine with a wedding story on the cover and within story. However it then veers way off to set-up more Sentry is out of control and Secret Invasion B.S. that has no point in a wedding issue. We then get a few ending pages of the wedding. As fo…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 Invasion Sailor Venus

Found it odd and okay that Luna is not bothered by running water, or at least rain, like a regular cat would be. As for Chibi-Usa's freak out could have used more time for reaction and some kind of explanation to the friend and mother. Artemis is either really strong or has a lot of mass if he is able to knock a full grown male human down. Yay we got a different cliffhanger ending! Either Hulu or VIZ screwed up on the captions during a Black Moon group scene. Saying this since I saw words missing from their required places and that is annoying. Finally Mamoru has an awesome name for his equally awesome power!

   Questions that matter to fans time. Why did Mamoru not consider communing with dead spirits a power? Did anyone else think the Black Moon group scene was cutting to different shots too fast? Will anyone ever answer my questions? Okay so that last one is more a question related to me but still.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Why The Booty Edition

1. The Flash #103 from 1995 is not a bad filler issue. Recommended for those looking for a "hero out of their element" type story.

2. Another relatively decent story starring Wally West story is 1990's The Flash #37. There a possible case of "broken back" and a possible case of a character talking to no one. However this is just a single page in the issue and not enough for it to fall into the not recommended list.

3. Stopping, at least for a few years, the child of this Hero or Heroine gets kidnapped cliche. It is not inventive and actually makes certain villains too evil. There are a lot of criminals who would go that far, but a lot of criminals wouldn't.

4. Having Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) be actual adults because they are around the same age as the original cast of X-Men. For example Hank McCoy (Beast) has aged to at least 30 something and yet Johnny still fluctuates in age. WTH?

New Sequart Organization Book About Comic To Film Translation Press Release

Notice: I have not edited or written anything in this press release or its subject. I also receive nothing for posting this.  

    Sequart Organization is proud to announce the publication of Moving Panels: Translating Comics to Film, by Logan Ludwig. Are comics just movie storyboards that are too expensive to ever actually commit to celluloid? Are movies just comics with added motion? These two media have become more closely tied in recent years (thanks to a bevy of comics adaptations), and they seem naturally related. Both are comprised of visual storytelling techniques that would seem readily compatible, but are they really that similar? Moving Panels: Translating Comics to Film digs into this issue by analyzing, through careful examination of aesthetics, just how linked and distinct the two media are. By looking at the film and comics versions Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Persepolis, Watchmen, and Sin City, Ludwig dissects just how the two media interact, their respective strengths a…

Ei8ht Issue 2 Mini-Review

There really is not much development in this issue in comparison to the first. More characters are introduced and the mystery gets more layers. In regards to art the cross-hatching has been toned down somewhat to make it less obvious. Really this is not a bad issue, but it is becoming a trade wait kind of series. I say this because it leaves the readers with more questions than answers. This makes the reader feel as lost as the characters. Therefore I do not recommend this issue.

EI8HT Issue 1 Review

Well it is an interesting start. However the depth created in the faces on certain panels needs work in terms of consistency. The cross-hatching could be a little less obvious in some ways. Overall this is an excellent work of art and color. As for the lettering it is a job well done in terms of placement. The writing could have developed the characters more, but it sets-up the mystery and otherworld feel just fine. I recommend this issue, though I am not sure if I am going to recommend this series.

Goof Issue 1 Review

"Goofy" does not begin to describe this comic. While the title of Goof is a bit of a misnomer, but not a terrible one. The art is cartoon styled and works to lighten the darker humor. I can only imagine what issue two is like and I am almost afraid to find out. The reason I am afraid is because the writing makes the lead consistently dumber in terms of his actions. This makes me wonder if his benefactors were playing a joke on earth. I recommend this issue for those with stable psyches and looking for a silly, yet dark, independent super hero parody.

Beatles Fans Rejoice 'The Fifth Beatle' Comes To Paperback

Paul McCartney: “If anyone was the fifth Beatle, it was Brian.” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—This October, Dark Horse Comics invites you to experience the award-winning The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story in a whole new format, as the incredible original graphic novel written / produced by Vivek J. Tiwary with art by Andrew C. Robinson, and Kyle Baker, heads to trade paperback for the first time. This edition of the gorgeous, Eisner Award–winning original graphic novel recounting the untold story of visionary Beatles manager Brian Epstein—who engineered Beatlemania and guided the band from basement gigs to unprecedented international stardom— also includes bonus background material from the sought-after collector’s edition, including a revised sketchbook and Beatles memorabilia bonus section with insights from Vivek Tiwary and Andrew Robinson. The new paperback edi…

Divinity Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

If this mini-series was canceled at this moment the outrage would be just. Yes I know reviewers and fans on the internet are usually talking without thinking, but this mini is so good! This series takes the "Human Turned God" cliches and flips them over and blows them up. I mean giving people genuine help and happiness is awesome. While the idea of governments freaking out over actual good deeds happening is realistic. The only flaw I found is nitpick level regarding the group shot of Unity being a little off in the feet department. I recommend this book for anyone in its age range because it is beautiful!

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 1

Loved the new intro, ad bumpers and outgoing visuals in this new series/season. The parallels between the first episodes of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R work and yet at times they don't work. For example Usagi's belief that she is dreaming works. Usagi's seeming lack of fighting skill does not work. She does better than her original first battle though it is not by much. I personally do not get the memory reset lasting for months. Also Makoto is not Hefty! Finally Artemis being called a "pervert" in the Japanese Dub comes out of nowhere.

 Questions: How stupid is it that the English Dub makes the Negaverse still be a thing after season 1? Do any of the scouts finally age in Sailor Moon R? I mean they referenced time so I would assume this does not share Pokemon's age flaw.

Shaper Issue 1 Day Of Release Review with Spoilers

This is a good debut issue for this newest entry in the space opera area of science fiction. We are given a sense of mystery and a sense of history for both the characters and their universe. The only problems within this issue are the school hallway's design, which looks too modern and realistic, and the amount of crosshatching used. An example of the crosshatching occurs on the last story page where it is used to create shadows, instead of relying on the colorist. Since this is the first issue of what the author says/hopes is a "Space Opera" I am letting slide the lack of real character development and supporting cast.
  I recommend this issue for those looking for a simple enjoyable start to a new series.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 13 Day Of Release Review

This issue moves several plot points along nicely while also moving the characters' development forward as well. None of the cast acts out of character in their actions. The final plus is that they have distinct enough dialogue to be able to still be unique and realistic yet resemble the original portrayals.  Unfortunately this issue continues the singular art problem Megan Levens seems to have regarding proportions. An example is Xander's head losing depth and slightly changing shape at various times. This is not the worst case of this problem ever, but is something she needs to work on.

   Now I am recommending this comic since even with its artistic problem it is still a decent comic. Also I think if Megan Levens could master this problem she would be a force to be reckoned with.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hulk It Up Edition

1. The Incredible Hulk #238 circa 1979. Is a decent comic, however it is not too remarkable a story. What makes this comic worth it is the realistic actions of the supporting cast and one-off characters.

2. Spider-Woman #22 from 1979 is interesting from a psychological analysis perspective. The narrative is a bit hit or miss in places but works well for a one-off story.

3. 'Tales Of The Watcher! Why Won't They Believe Me?' from Silver Surfer #3 circa 1968. This is a great one-off supplemental science-fiction story. In some ways this is a proto-What If story mixed with a regular sci-fi story. Mainly just recommended due to being a good fun story.

4. "The Human Potential," "Round 8," "The Mini(Mis)Adventures Of Nick O. Tyme" are all great stories from New Talent Showcase #7. The rest of the stories in this issue are not recommended.

X Issue 23 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    It is interesting that X spares the Junkies in this issue. Though readers can debate endlessly whether that is a good idea or not. While this slightly goes against the grain for the character it does show some growth for X. The origin explanation X gives his assistant uses the visuals to great effect. While giving a good limitation of his healing powers. The writing points out the dark side of social media in a very realistic way. As for the bacon joke in the story it is works as humour and foreshadowing for the returning villain. There is a nitpick level problem with the line work but nothing worth delving into here.  In conclusion this is a recommended issue.

Ninjak Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    Neville Alcott is a good beginning supporting cast member for this incarnation of Ninjak. Also good is the use of different artists for the two stories about Ninjak. We get plenty of seeds for potential future stories, and enough differences from the standard playboy becomes adventurer, to keep this series interesting for years to come. There is enough humor to keep this issue from having too bleak or serious a story. Kudos to the creative team for the panel with the 3D bullet effect. Finally the use of movie titles is a great in-story tool for foreshadowing and a creative joke. I recommend this comic for fans of martial arts movies, noir, ninjas, spies, and Ninjak.

   Note: A suggestion for Valiant's upcoming movie adaptation and other media outings: Try and keep this origin a secret from the non-comic readers for as long as possible to avoid the Batman parallels. Also go for the R rating if possible for a Ninjak movie.

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Batty Zombie Demigods Edition

1. What would be the result of successful procreation between a zombie and a god of the dead?
2. What would be the result of successful procreation between a zombie and a god of the living?
3. What if a car/van/whatever could actually be fueled by water? Would said vehicle possibly explode like the car in The New Adventures Of Batman episode 'The Pest' due to the hydrogen in water?
4. Should we let certain people die, such as those who have attempted suicide, due to the over-population problem we face? Yes, I know that this is a discomforting thought.

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth Issue 128 Review

The line work shows some sleek yet textured work. For example the last page shows great kinetic action (the sleek aspect) and natural looking character and set design (the texture aspect). All the characters are put in bad situations yet continue to act intelligently. There are no wasted pages or unnecessary panels. Each word balloon has realistic dialogue and no character feels like any other character. In a very good way this title is living up to the "Hell On Earth" phrase. I recommend this issue for those with vast knowledge of Hellboy and his mythos and those like me who are relatively ignorant of said mythos.

Itty Bitty Comics Issue 5 Grimmiss Island Part 1 Mini-Review

This comic has some jokes that work, though none that are laugh out loud. The art and story are  more Itty Bitty Hellboy than Itty Bitty Mask. What there is of a plot revolves around some of the characters. Now as for the bits of Spanish, I think it will aggravate some people who do not want to learn or know any of it. However while I only fluently understand English I can appreciate the educational attempt being made here.

    I recommend this comic for those who are trying to learn Spanish, and those who would like their kids to learn it.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 45 And 46

Notice: The English Dub combines the two final Japanese episodes of Sailor Moon into one. Therefore I have decided to do a combination opinion piece on all three final episodes. This coming Thursday I will be starting on Sailor Moon R or as I think of it Season 2.
   I loved this final English dubbed episode as a kid, but after seeing how many cool things were left out of it I kind of despise the DIC beancounters. At least I assume it was money related reasons for two episodes being smashed together. Though I will admit the Doom and Gloom Sisters sounds better than the DDGirls.  I also really like the final battle song and how it makes me think of a mix of Pat Benatar songs. 
   Now as for episode 45 and 46 of the Japanese version I liked how all the scouts go out like badasses. I mean Mercury smashing her computer is totally glossed over in the damnable English version. Ami was a weak link in this season, and the fact that she admits that she is the weakest at this point is honest…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 44

I liked opening episode summary from the Japanese Dub better because of its soft spoken beginning. Also I think it is a crime that DIC cut out the funny Usagi sleeping scene at the beginning of the episode for the English Dub. Since they did that we also miss a cool eerie eyes effect with Luna that is part of the cut scene. I also think DIC sped up the frame rate a bit in certain places for this episode. I keep imagining how funny the tiny Moon apparition/goddess version of the original Queen Serenity would look manually opening the containers for the cats.

  Questions yet again! Is it me or does Beryl look like a vampire, in terms of her paleness and teeth, in the past section of this episode? How do those roses work exactly? How many of those energy balls contained other possible scouts or Moon citizens? So if Queen Metalia could have revived at any random moment why exactly were the scouts revived in the far future? Why did the Moon queen die exactly? I mean was it too many oppon…

Plants vs. Zombies Are Coming Monthly VIA A Dark Horse Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—With an all-ages Free Comic Book Day story right around the corner, Dark Horse Comics and PopCap Games are thrilled to announce Bully for You, a new, ongoing Plants vs. Zombies™ miniseries coming to comic shops, beginning in June! Eisner Award–winning writer Paul Tobin and artist Ron Chan join forces to uncover who’s really behind the mysterious Anti-Bully Squad. Nate, Patrice, and Crazy Dave investigate a strange college campus to keep the streets safe from zombies. And Dr. Zomboss’s crime-filled college years are revealed! This hilarious educational escapade also features two bonus stories illustrated by Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Li’l Gotham, Descender). Future issues will feature bonus strips by Peter Bagge, Jennifer Meyer, Karim Friha, Nneka Myers, and others! In spring 2014, Dark Horse Comics released The Art of Plants vs. Zombies. Part zombie memoir, part celebration of zombie triumphs, and part anti-plant screed, it is a treasure trove of never…

Recommended Comics List of 4 Machine Man Edition

1. Machine Man #10 from 1979 has a lot of pointless hype on the cover, but is a good comic. The art by Steve Ditko is still at his best level. As for the dialogue by Marv Wolfman it is realistic and sensational in all the right places.

2. 1987's G.I. Joe Special Missions #4 is a decent but otherwise unremarkable issue. The reason I am recommending it is the fact that it has useful survival information regarding parasites.

3. All-Star Squadron Annual #1 has a few typos but is solid everywhere else for a comic from 1982. Also it expands on several characters' pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths histories.

4. I recommend that Marvel allow Peter Parker to get legitimate psychological help for way too big problems of Martyr Complex and Survivor's Guilt and Depression. These problems are more than his achilles heel they are now what makes Peter Parker a joke of a character.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 43

Damn the Japanese dialogue sucks more than the English for this episode! I mean the monster has a gibberish catch-phrase of "Ban Ban" and the scouts are meaner to Sailor Moon. Ami, who is usually the nicest and politest, has an out of character moment where she calls Usagi a "Stupid girl" in the Japanese Dub. Also the Usagi seems to have some common sense and strategic sense during the cemetery scene when she questions Kunzite in the American version. As for the catchphrase of "Ban Ban" I was practically begging for the Japanese dub of the episode to end quickly because of it.

   Questions! How do the earrings get switched out in the scouts transformations? Are the regular earrings transforming into the Scout earrings? Is it just me or is it weird that Venus's hair during her name announcement and pose is shining for no reason? Why are certain extra words in the English Sub of the Japanese Dub and yet the Japanese cast is not saying these words?

Howard The Duck Issue 1 Day Of Release Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

The mystery of what happened to Howard seems to be what will drive some of the series. However the different types of comedic elements are the main driving force. The only element of failure is the one page of singing. Though the fact that is this one page is relying more on visual jokes than the text allows it to be an exception to the "singing/music in comics doesn't work" rule. Plus Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones save the comic a few pages later with Peter Parker in full costume crying like a baby while muttering about his uncle. Awesome! Finally the colors are perfectly chosen to go along with each scene.

    I recommend this issue for fans and non-fans of Howard, those who can take a joke, and those like me who just have wanted to see Parker finally lose it.

Unity Issue 16 Advance Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    Valiant Entertainment has been in the news for their deal with Chinese company DMG Entertainment. As such I feel that part of this review, and certain others, needs to be opinion based regarding the upcoming adaptation process. Therefore I will say that this issue encapsulates the kind of stories that I believe the Eternal Warrior should have in future comics, movies, etc. I say this not just because of the beautiful visuals but because this story shows Gilad as a person impacting lives across centuries. This story is besides some nitpicks a great character study that moves and transitions like I imagine the movies might.

   Some examples of what I have mentioned regarding the visuals are Gilad's Japanese house and how he walks around it. We could easily have the visuals put in a movie and they would work without the inner-monologue being in the same scene. Plus transitions were used in a natural way to flashback to an older time in Japan's, and Gilad'…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17 Secret Sailor Jupiter Opinion

Okay I am surprised by the fact that Jupiter sort of just gives up towards the end of the battle. Chibi-Usa is apparently a mechanical magic user due to Luna-P. I wish that the cliffhanger ending was in a different place this time because it is getting repetitive. Wiseman keeps amusing me even though I should be creeped out by him. The pacing seems a little less fast compared with the Metalia episodes.

  Questions this time are: Why is Makoto while not transformed shocking people due to sickness? How did the remaining scouts get down to the HQ in the middle of a busy arcade? How many attacks are the scouts capable of individually that will actually be in this show? If Chibi-Usa has no knowledge of arcade games how is she so good?

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 42

This is one of the episode they did not do in the original English dubbing, and yet it has several important main plot details and some of Venus's history. It seems to have been a bit of a waste to not include this in the original English dub. Though I do get how it might have been hard due to Usagi almost killing Katarina in her monster form. Add in the grenade used by some shadowy criminal and you have even more potential trouble with parents and censors. However I liked those bits. I also liked the odd fact that the transformation pen allows Usagi to have new skills as well as a new look.

    Two questions this time. So does the fact Queen Metalia is supposed to awaken later mean that she is sleep talking throughout most of the episodes she is in? What does Metalia mean about Mamoru being on the same energy level/wavelength?

Groo Friends And Foes Issue 2 Review

There is one definite case of 'broken back' on the cover and a possible one on another female character. Third line on the scroll on the first page looks like "grave" and I am not sure if that was a font, a writing, or a lettering mistake. Also we have a nice poem that was meant to be a song in a visual medium. I am somewhat amazed by this mistake because writer Mark Evanier is a long-time veteran of the industry so he should know that this won't work. There is also the fact that the second and later pages render the first page information unnecessary. The dialogue is missing necessary words in certain sentences. For example: "WE MUST GET FAR FROM HIM!" should have "away" to make it sound realistic.

   The only good thing about this comic is the coloring and that is not enough for a recommendation. So my final verdict is that I don't recommend this issue.

X-O Manowar Issue 34 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    Man those last few pages are epic! Especially epic is the final page which reminded me of DC's 1994 Zero Hour tie-in issues with the fade to white representing destruction. Also cool is the fact that the idiot known as Control had a planet-sized final solution that only the insane would justify. However this story again reminded me of another DC story arc, this time Green Lantern: Lights Out, that was partly written by Robert Venditti. Now while I think that it is a bit of a cop-out to use the same plot so soon I will recommend this comic. The art, coloring, lettering and most of the writing are great enough for it to be a recommendation.

Imperium Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

This issue has several twists and turns and just when one thinks it is about done we get a final surprise twist ending. Another part of what makes this story great is the character Gravedog. He is an interesting edition to the Valiant universe because of his actions and backstory. Besides this well done writing and new character we get in this issue there is the excellent art. Doug Braithwaite art is is bursting with texture that is well complemented by the colors chosen by Dave McCaig. Finally there is the cover with subtle references to the reset of the Valiant in the form of characters like the alien Vine.

    I recommend this issue and this series be added to readers regular pick-ups.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Forgot Editing Edition

1. Astonishing Tales #33 from 1976 is too reliant on it's text to the detriment of the narrative. Making this a very lop-sided and long-winded comic.

2. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #9 published by Titan Comics in 2015. This comic has the problems of mistaking a visual medium for an audio/visual medium and in-constinancy in the art. Though I will say that these are not the worst examples of these problems I have ever seen.

3. Marvel's The Avengers #1 & 2 circa late 2014/early 2015 is a cash grab. The art ranges from decent and accurate for the adaption to bad. It also leaves a lot of skips around on moments from the movie either bunching them together or leaving them out completely. A horrible adaptation of a really good movie.

4. Ultra #6 from 2005 has a very busy cover it term of the amount of text and the satire of the cover does not relate to the story. Speaking of the story there is very little of it with this issue being decompressed to the point of absurdity.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 41

Loved the sign for that fat cat that was in love with Luna! Sniping at the end of the English dub is one reason the Japanese Dub is better, except the not again when Mamoru is recaptured (English) and the "murderer" line by Ryo (Japanese). Loved the snowball fight in the background of a shrine scene with Rei's Grandpa. The fact that there are no transformation sequences in this episode by the scouts is a first for this anime series.

   Questions Time! Why did they add unnecessary audio to the English version in the 1990s? Anyone else notice that it was not snowing during some of the episode, except the shrine of course. Where was the Security at the fair grounds? How do the other captured former monsters explain away the time lost, or do they get an explanation from the scouts? Did anyone else notice the Sailor Moon scene in the episode? Does this mean Usagi's image is getting exploited for profit? Does Rei's Grandpa have a first name?

Conan The Avenger Issue 9 Mini-Review

The facial expressions in the art are horrible on several pages and the bodies look different at certain points in the issue. As for the exposition it feels out of place and in a way separate from the flashback art. Each page has very little depth in regards to the backgrounds and foregrounds. In fact the whole issue feels like a learning curve for the artist. Finally Conan still feels less like an internal thinker and more like a stock barbarian.

Not recommended!

All-New Hawkeye Issue 1 Day Of Mini-Review

The art is exceptional especially in blending the past and present moments. There is a great narrative balance between not just the text and art but the time periods shown. It feels like a continuation of Matt Fraction's Hawkeye series yet it stands alone as well. I recommend this comic to fans of Fraction's run as well as those who are just fans of Clint Barton.

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 12 Day Of Review

The characterization is more spot-on for all the characters than it has been over the last several issues. Angel seems to be back to some level of his previous development in this issue. As for the storyline it finally seems to be moving forward again. For example we get some disturbing implications on both the Angel and Faith sides of the story. I did notice some photo-referenced art in this issue, but overall it is well done. The coloring and lettering were all done just fine.

  I recommend this issue for those looking for a good Buffyverse comic.

Conan The Avenger Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The interior and cover art is better than last issue, though the line work on the interior art could be smoother. As for the dialogue, it has several things wrong or that seem to be nonsensical. For instance Conan is called Cormac by an enemy. An example of the nonsensical elements is when Thoth-Amon says in the first few pages something that is downright confusing regarding fathering Set.* Finally the coloring is the only thing I truly found no flaw in. This is because the lettering looks at times to be the weird font style that was used in the recent Predator comics. While not an unforgivable stylistic choice it does render the font unimpressive by seeing it again so soon.

   I don't recommend this comic.

*Set was an Egyptian god and the idea of a wizard being his father makes no sense. Even though Conan stories are set in a fictional time that is supposed to predate ancient Egypt it still makes zero sense.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Edited World Edition

1. Flash #91 circa 1994 is a good experiment in telling a story about near-light super-speed. The creative team experimented with the perceptions one might have at such a speed. It also helped with some of the set-up with the speed force as a mystic dimension/energy source/afterlife.

2. Cover dated February 1990 The Shadow Strikes #6 is an interesting issue. Not just for the 3rd part of the first Doc Savage/The Shadow team-up, but because of the clever villains. Except for the amount of art this story really feels like a pulp novel.

3. Mega Man #46 from 2015 is not just a well written all ages comic, but a good story about how robotics might develop if they (robots) eventually learn more than functions.

4. The trade collection Fables Volume 16 Super Team from 2011 is a good read, except for two things. It is not the best choice for people new to the saga that is Fables and the covers being at the back makes the start of each issue a little wonky.

Creepy Issue 19 Review

The best style and line work featured in this issue is in the story titled 'Acquisitions' by Richard P. Clark. His style is both realistic and horrific, while his line work is strong and smooth. Though 'Acquisitions' is the best for the reasons stated it is not the best in terms of the comic title word. Creepy's best in terms of nature is 'Mad Jack's Girl' which fits the comic perfectly. On the other hand Peter Bagge's pages are ill-fitting for Creepy since they are more suited to an issue of Mad due to their humorous nature. Finally the story 'Team Player' is decent but too simple.

   I recommend this issue partly due to it being decent work, but also because I could tell care went into the work.

Captain Midnight Issue 20 Mini-Review

Artist Michael Broussard's art is exceptional! Though the interior work colored by Javier Mena is much better colored than the cover. As for the writing it could be better regarding the dialogue, but is good work nonetheless. I recommend this for an excellent start to Captain Midnight's part in the Archon crossover with X.