Conan The Avenger Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The interior and cover art is better than last issue, though the line work on the interior art could be smoother. As for the dialogue, it has several things wrong or that seem to be nonsensical. For instance Conan is called Cormac by an enemy. An example of the nonsensical elements is when Thoth-Amon says in the first few pages something that is downright confusing regarding fathering Set.* Finally the coloring is the only thing I truly found no flaw in. This is because the lettering looks at times to be the weird font style that was used in the recent Predator comics. While not an unforgivable stylistic choice it does render the font unimpressive by seeing it again so soon.

   I don't recommend this comic.

*Set was an Egyptian god and the idea of a wizard being his father makes no sense. Even though Conan stories are set in a fictional time that is supposed to predate ancient Egypt it still makes zero sense.


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