Groo Friends And Foes Issue 2 Review

    There is one definite case of 'broken back' on the cover and a possible one on another female character. Third line on the scroll on the first page looks like "grave" and I am not sure if that was a font, a writing, or a lettering mistake. Also we have a nice poem that was meant to be a song in a visual medium. I am somewhat amazed by this mistake because writer Mark Evanier is a long-time veteran of the industry so he should know that this won't work. There is also the fact that the second and later pages render the first page information unnecessary. The dialogue is missing necessary words in certain sentences. For example: "WE MUST GET FAR FROM HIM!" should have "away" to make it sound realistic.

   The only good thing about this comic is the coloring and that is not enough for a recommendation. So my final verdict is that I don't recommend this issue.


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