In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 41

   Loved the sign for that fat cat that was in love with Luna! Sniping at the end of the English dub is one reason the Japanese Dub is better, except the not again when Mamoru is recaptured (English) and the "murderer" line by Ryo (Japanese). Loved the snowball fight in the background of a shrine scene with Rei's Grandpa. The fact that there are no transformation sequences in this episode by the scouts is a first for this anime series.

   Questions Time! Why did they add unnecessary audio to the English version in the 1990s? Anyone else notice that it was not snowing during some of the episode, except the shrine of course. Where was the Security at the fair grounds? How do the other captured former monsters explain away the time lost, or do they get an explanation from the scouts? Did anyone else notice the Sailor Moon scene in the episode? Does this mean Usagi's image is getting exploited for profit? Does Rei's Grandpa have a first name?


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