In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 43

   Damn the Japanese dialogue sucks more than the English for this episode! I mean the monster has a gibberish catch-phrase of "Ban Ban" and the scouts are meaner to Sailor Moon. Ami, who is usually the nicest and politest, has an out of character moment where she calls Usagi a "Stupid girl" in the Japanese Dub. Also the Usagi seems to have some common sense and strategic sense during the cemetery scene when she questions Kunzite in the American version. As for the catchphrase of "Ban Ban" I was practically begging for the Japanese dub of the episode to end quickly because of it.

   Questions! How do the earrings get switched out in the scouts transformations? Are the regular earrings transforming into the Scout earrings? Is it just me or is it weird that Venus's hair during her name announcement and pose is shining for no reason? Why are certain extra words in the English Sub of the Japanese Dub and yet the Japanese cast is not saying these words?


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