In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 45 And 46

   Notice: The English Dub combines the two final Japanese episodes of Sailor Moon into one. Therefore I have decided to do a combination opinion piece on all three final episodes. This coming Thursday I will be starting on Sailor Moon R or as I think of it Season 2.

   I loved this final English dubbed episode as a kid, but after seeing how many cool things were left out of it I kind of despise the DIC beancounters. At least I assume it was money related reasons for two episodes being smashed together. Though I will admit the Doom and Gloom Sisters sounds better than the DDGirls.  I also really like the final battle song and how it makes me think of a mix of Pat Benatar songs. 

   Now as for episode 45 and 46 of the Japanese version I liked how all the scouts go out like badasses. I mean Mercury smashing her computer is totally glossed over in the damnable English version. Ami was a weak link in this season, and the fact that she admits that she is the weakest at this point is honest and awesome. Also awesome is brainwashed Mamoru's crazy eyes in this episode. Also worth mentioning is Usagi actually fights back here versus just being beaten like a ragdoll in the newer Sailor Moon Crystal.

     Final thoughts and questions on season 1. What thoughts went into messily combining the final two episodes? Why did the scouts forget? In regards to Episode 46 dialogue I have to say that by definition that resurrection does not work like that. Finally I believe that there could have been more character development in both dubs then what we got.


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