In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 3

  Creepy! The alien guy is creepy, and Usagi is creepy with the drawings. Though she is a good artist. This episode made me remember the fact that I started getting out of Sailor Moon around the Doom Tree arc when I was a kid.

  Wait! the English version said that Beryl was forced back into the Negaverse, but this episode's english version contradicts it. So were her ashes sent back in the English Dub's continuity?

  As for my likes and dislikes they are as follows: I like Mamoru's unconscious new persona. The pop song does not really work with the footage in the English dub. Though the Japanese song, which I can't understand, is only slightly better fitting. I also did not like the way they edited the hospital scene in both dubs. Too much of the color red. The rain sparkling in the flashbacks was cool. Finally I really like the mention of anemia in the original dub.

   Questions! Why does the lion have a pinwheel? How did the bloody scene get past the censors in America? Why does Mamoru not get to keep the dagger when he becomes Tuxedo Mask again? So are the alien baddies ever going to mention their home planet?


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