In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 1

  Loved the new intro, ad bumpers and outgoing visuals in this new series/season. The parallels between the first episodes of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R work and yet at times they don't work. For example Usagi's belief that she is dreaming works. Usagi's seeming lack of fighting skill does not work. She does better than her original first battle though it is not by much. I personally do not get the memory reset lasting for months. Also Makoto is not Hefty! Finally Artemis being called a "pervert" in the Japanese Dub comes out of nowhere.

 Questions: How stupid is it that the English Dub makes the Negaverse still be a thing after season 1? Do any of the scouts finally age in Sailor Moon R? I mean they referenced time so I would assume this does not share Pokemon's age flaw.


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