In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 2

    Mamoru has a different amount of job security depending on whether one watches the Japanese Dub (TV Studio) or the English Dub (Movie Studio). The memory loss is rather stupid to have for the first story arc back, but than I don't appreciate embarrassing comedic moments. Liking the Japanese music better in this season/series. Man the editing of Luna being in two places at once was horribly odd! Both versions of the studio staff's personalities are kind of true, but I feel the English Dub is a bit truer.

   Why does Usagi lack knowledge, or for that matter common sense, about what people may or may not remember? I mean did Luna not explain this to her? How come the writers of the original Japanese Dub reset her to flighty mode after the episode? Does anyone know the definition of Makai? Assuming it is different than the Hawaiian definition? So why are the Moon Stick and Crystal missing? What is with the bunny frame at the end of the Japanese dub?


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