In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 44

  I liked opening episode summary from the Japanese Dub better because of its soft spoken beginning. Also I think it is a crime that DIC cut out the funny Usagi sleeping scene at the beginning of the episode for the English Dub. Since they did that we also miss a cool eerie eyes effect with Luna that is part of the cut scene. I also think DIC sped up the frame rate a bit in certain places for this episode. I keep imagining how funny the tiny Moon apparition/goddess version of the original Queen Serenity would look manually opening the containers for the cats.

  Questions yet again! Is it me or does Beryl look like a vampire, in terms of her paleness and teeth, in the past section of this episode? How do those roses work exactly? How many of those energy balls contained other possible scouts or Moon citizens? So if Queen Metalia could have revived at any random moment why exactly were the scouts revived in the far future? Why did the Moon queen die exactly? I mean was it too many opponents at once or what? Would it have been that bad for the English version of events to mention Queen Metalia by name? Anyone else think Kunzite was less of a threat in this episode since he was taking so long to kill Artemis and Luna?


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