Ninjak Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    Neville Alcott is a good beginning supporting cast member for this incarnation of Ninjak. Also good is the use of different artists for the two stories about Ninjak. We get plenty of seeds for potential future stories, and enough differences from the standard playboy becomes adventurer, to keep this series interesting for years to come. There is enough humor to keep this issue from having too bleak or serious a story. Kudos to the creative team for the panel with the 3D bullet effect. Finally the use of movie titles is a great in-story tool for foreshadowing and a creative joke. I recommend this comic for fans of martial arts movies, noir, ninjas, spies, and Ninjak.

   Note: A suggestion for Valiant's upcoming movie adaptation and other media outings: Try and keep this origin a secret from the non-comic readers for as long as possible to avoid the Batman parallels. Also go for the R rating if possible for a Ninjak movie.


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