Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ahh Don't Look Edition

1. The Flash #80 from 1993 is almost entirely overdone exposition and a battle scene. No real character moments or plot equals a failed set-up to a multi-part story.

2. 1981's Dazzler #2 is too reliant on guest-starring heroes and obvious exposition. There is also the fact the Human Torch, while using his powers on page 2, does not burn up his fancy suit or shoes. This does not make sense.

3. Do not recommend shaking up a status quo if it is unnecessary. Best example of this problem is the constant events big and small from Marvel and DC. Think Infinite Crisis leading 52 leading to Countdown leading to Final Crisis, etc.

4. The Flash #105 from 1995 is unnecessary filler with interesting bits camouflaging the junk. It shows an abusive relationship between Mirror Master that is kind of a stock "women in refrigerators" plot. The story's plot is very limited in exploring this abusive relationship and too easily resolved. Trauma does not leave people smiling after an attack.


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