Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Deathlok The Out-Spoken Edition

1. The 'Deathlok The Demolisher' story in Astonishing Tales #31 from 1975. This story has great art but too much writing. Also the font choice for the computer makes it unclear if the lettering has typos or just the illusion of typos.

2. Also found in the above comic is an advert for G.I. Joe toys titled 'G.I. Joe Meets The Amazing Atomic Man!' which has two logic flaws. The flaws are tied together in that a random stranger can join G. I. Joe at their Secret H.Q. and that they let him join without a background check. Not only does that happen but he is suddenly given the title of "Major" for no apparent reason. WTH!

3. The New Avengers Annual #1 from 2006 fails because of the story and out of character moments. It starts fine with a wedding story on the cover and within story. However it then veers way off to set-up more Sentry is out of control and Secret Invasion B.S. that has no point in a wedding issue. We then get a few ending pages of the wedding. As for out of character moments Tony Stark has a proper grammar fail when accusing a teammate making him come across as stupid. The final mistake (at least of the ones I will mention) is that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are looking and acting comfortable in formal wedding attire. Not only does this seem out of character, but they just got done with a battle and the proposal. How the heck would they get that a full out wedding ready and done in that time? Total B.S.!

4. So many things from comics to wall street have had speculator fueled booms and busts, thus speculative buying is not recommended.


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