Recommended Comics List Of 4 Edited World Edition

1. Flash #91 circa 1994 is a good experiment in telling a story about near-light super-speed. The creative team experimented with the perceptions one might have at such a speed. It also helped with some of the set-up with the speed force as a mystic dimension/energy source/afterlife.

2. Cover dated February 1990 The Shadow Strikes #6 is an interesting issue. Not just for the 3rd part of the first Doc Savage/The Shadow team-up, but because of the clever villains. Except for the amount of art this story really feels like a pulp novel.

3. Mega Man #46 from 2015 is not just a well written all ages comic, but a good story about how robotics might develop if they (robots) eventually learn more than functions.

4. The trade collection Fables Volume 16 Super Team from 2011 is a good read, except for two things. It is not the best choice for people new to the saga that is Fables and the covers being at the back makes the start of each issue a little wonky.


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