Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hulk It Up Edition

1. The Incredible Hulk #238 circa 1979. Is a decent comic, however it is not too remarkable a story. What makes this comic worth it is the realistic actions of the supporting cast and one-off characters.

2. Spider-Woman #22 from 1979 is interesting from a psychological analysis perspective. The narrative is a bit hit or miss in places but works well for a one-off story.

3. 'Tales Of The Watcher! Why Won't They Believe Me?' from Silver Surfer #3 circa 1968. This is a great one-off supplemental science-fiction story. In some ways this is a proto-What If story mixed with a regular sci-fi story. Mainly just recommended due to being a good fun story.

4. "The Human Potential," "Round 8," "The Mini(Mis)Adventures Of Nick O. Tyme" are all great stories from New Talent Showcase #7. The rest of the stories in this issue are not recommended.


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