Recommended Comics List of 4 Machine Man Edition

1. Machine Man #10 from 1979 has a lot of pointless hype on the cover, but is a good comic. The art by Steve Ditko is still at his best level. As for the dialogue by Marv Wolfman it is realistic and sensational in all the right places.

2. 1987's G.I. Joe Special Missions #4 is a decent but otherwise unremarkable issue. The reason I am recommending it is the fact that it has useful survival information regarding parasites.

3. All-Star Squadron Annual #1 has a few typos but is solid everywhere else for a comic from 1982. Also it expands on several characters' pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths histories.

4. I recommend that Marvel allow Peter Parker to get legitimate psychological help for way too big problems of Martyr Complex and Survivor's Guilt and Depression. These problems are more than his achilles heel they are now what makes Peter Parker a joke of a character.


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