Recommended Comics List Of 4 Why The Booty Edition

1. The Flash #103 from 1995 is not a bad filler issue. Recommended for those looking for a "hero out of their element" type story.

2. Another relatively decent story starring Wally West story is 1990's The Flash #37. There a possible case of "broken back" and a possible case of a character talking to no one. However this is just a single page in the issue and not enough for it to fall into the not recommended list.

3. Stopping, at least for a few years, the child of this Hero or Heroine gets kidnapped cliche. It is not inventive and actually makes certain villains too evil. There are a lot of criminals who would go that far, but a lot of criminals wouldn't.

4. Having Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) be actual adults because they are around the same age as the original cast of X-Men. For example Hank McCoy (Beast) has aged to at least 30 something and yet Johnny still fluctuates in age. WTH?


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