Recommended Comics List Of 4 Recommended Comics Recommendations Edition

1. The Flash #104 from 1995 is a good conclusion to a two-part story. It also works by itself due to the natural exposition in the dialogue. There is a plot-hole in the werewolf/demon attackers abilities, however it is not that big a deal.

2. G.I. Combat #252 from 1983 is a war anthology comic where all the stories are recommended. One story even deals with racial tensions in World War 2 while involving a ninja.

3. All-Out War #3 published by DC around late 1979/early 1980. Great variety in this war anthology comic featuring the Viking Commando and Force 3.

4. Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor #10 is an interesting issue that explores a dark version of The Doctor and his faults. Not the best comic ever, but a decent read for fans of the Matt Smith Doctor.


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