Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 Invasion Sailor Venus

   Found it odd and okay that Luna is not bothered by running water, or at least rain, like a regular cat would be. As for Chibi-Usa's freak out could have used more time for reaction and some kind of explanation to the friend and mother. Artemis is either really strong or has a lot of mass if he is able to knock a full grown male human down. Yay we got a different cliffhanger ending! Either Hulu or VIZ screwed up on the captions during a Black Moon group scene. Saying this since I saw words missing from their required places and that is annoying. Finally Mamoru has an awesome name for his equally awesome power!

   Questions that matter to fans time. Why did Mamoru not consider communing with dead spirits a power? Did anyone else think the Black Moon group scene was cutting to different shots too fast? Will anyone ever answer my questions? Okay so that last one is more a question related to me but still.


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