Unity Issue 16 Advance Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    Valiant Entertainment has been in the news for their deal with Chinese company DMG Entertainment. As such I feel that part of this review, and certain others, needs to be opinion based regarding the upcoming adaptation process. Therefore I will say that this issue encapsulates the kind of stories that I believe the Eternal Warrior should have in future comics, movies, etc. I say this not just because of the beautiful visuals but because this story shows Gilad as a person impacting lives across centuries. This story is besides some nitpicks a great character study that moves and transitions like I imagine the movies might.

   Some examples of what I have mentioned regarding the visuals are Gilad's Japanese house and how he walks around it. We could easily have the visuals put in a movie and they would work without the inner-monologue being in the same scene. Plus transitions were used in a natural way to flashback to an older time in Japan's, and Gilad's, past. The inner-monologue while feeling out of place at times works well in presenting how one might pass on a story to another's descendants. This issue is recommended for all these reasons, and in my opinion should be put up for an award nomination.


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