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In The Name Of Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 8

They really did a bad job in the English dubbing on Rei during the fight. Also the English singing seems off-key. Of course while the Japanese dub has a beautifully sung song I have no idea what it translates too. On a brighter note we see Rei's Grandpa acting pervy in the Japanese dub again. Though I wish we got to see him fight again. Seriously we need an action/comedy starring Rei's Grandpa in some form.

   Only two questions this time. Why is Sailor Moon the only one finishing off the monsters? Why did the English dubbing give the monsters more dialogue than just their names?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Big Lug Edition

1. Avengers #18 (1965) is not the best in terms of racial depictions and is jingoistic, but is worth reading to compare to the 1960s' Captain America cartoon adaptation.

2. Avengers #97 from 1972 is an interesting example of how classic style Avengers in space stories can both work (epic scope) and not work (alien family relations).

3. Secret Avengers #15 (2015) shows how to end a creative story published by the Big Two (Marvel and DC).

4. Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015) the movie for several reasons that I can't reveal without spoiling the movie.

Ivar Timewalker Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

The regular cover is kind of just there in terms of its artistic merit. I mean it does not tie into the story or cause any emotion (at least in me). The second problem this issue has is with the art on the last two pages. On the second to last page there is the arms lacking strong line work and a look of kinetic motion. However the last page has the artistic problem of Mecha-Neela's outfit looking painted on to a naked body. For example her breast, navel and crotch regions seem almost on display.

   These problems aside this issue has a great story in terms of fleshing out Neela's past and character. There are several funny jokes including one involving a patient bartender dealing with several Neelas, a problem gun shows have had for decades, and a back to the future reference. The small amount of pages devoted to Ivar keep the story from feeling like a misnomered one-shot. I recommend this issue for Valiant fans, and newcomers to Valiant, and time-travel enthu…

Ninjak Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

The switch from movies to books inspiring child Colin King is both good and bad. It is good in the sense that it keeps him from of having a simple Batman type origin. Bad in the sense that I really wanted that butler to die. However, the fact that we see the drugging of drink three times, which is first mentioned in the mystery novel, is great.

  In terms of art I found the first shot of Ninjak and Kannon in the street to be to minimalistic. Though the rest of the book is great in design and execution. There is plenty of depth in every panel, and the coloring in said panels is beautiful while creating great emotional stimuli. I especially liked the coloring choices in Zoo. Of course part of these artistic choices comes from a great script by Matt Kindt. In conclusion this is a recommended issue.

Grimm's Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood Trade Paperback Volume One Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    First off I had never read a Zenescope before this comic. I like a lot of people only saw the salacious covers and dismissed the titles. Having now read this collection I have found something worthy in the company. For instance this title takes the rape of the main character and uses it as actual character development. The creative team also creates a story with engaging dialogue and impressive interiors. There are only two problems: one is with the line work in the first issue. the second is the page numbering is done in a distracting way. Other than that I found a recommended story in this collection.

Shaper Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

This issue keeps the great characters concepts and designs coming. It also improves on the pacing  of the story, and slightly in terms of the line work. The cover by Felipe Massafera is a work of epic action and beauty that rivals some of Alex Ross's best cover work. Eric Heisserer's story is a definite space opera, and if it is allowed to continue could be the new Star Wars for Dark Horse. At least in terms of Sci-Fi action. Finally the cliche of explaining things through in-story items (cards) is turned on its head with this issue, which I personally found to be refreshing.

  I recommend this issue.

Divinity Issue 3 Mini-Review

The mixture of various events within this issue causes a deep empathy for both Unity and Divinity. As for the many creative elements that make this issue I saw no real flaws. That being said the ending of the issue, while able to stand on its own merits, will most likely read better in collected form. This is definitely turning out to be an award-worthy series with a great new character. I recommend this issue.

Geof Darrow 's Bourbon Thret Dark Horse Press Release

When it was originally published in France in the 1980’s, Geof Darrow’s cult classic graphic novel BOURBON THRET was promoted by publisher Aedena with the tagline “Darrow C’Est Fou!” which translates to Darrow it’s crazy! Next year Dark Horse Comics will finally publish the first ever American edition of Darrow’s BOURBON THRET, which features the introduction of the chainsaw wielding Shaolin Cowboy. The book will be released in the same gorgeous oversized format as Dark Horse Comics’ recently released SHAOLIN COWBOY: SHEMP BUFFET hardcover. “Darrow c’est fou,” confirmed Dark Horse President & Publisher Mike Richardson.  “ I couldn't be more excited to introduce the first ever Shaolin Cowboy adventure to an American audience next year.” BOURBON THRET features the first appearance of the Shaolin Cowboy, whose ultra violent, ultra detailed and unforgettable zombie filled stories have been published by Dark Horse Comics . Darrow was living in France when he created Bourbon Thret,…

X Issue 24 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The line work is a bit sketchy but works well with the darker colors of the comic. I personally found the use of social media to distract the addicts to be a great combination of writing, lettering, and art. As for the killing of Gundog I feel it works for how this series of X has ended. The reasoning for X to leave his city to take part in the crossover in Captain Midnight is sound. Said reasoning also leaves the door open for not just another series, but a mini-series featuring trigger warning. Though this issue is far from perfect it leaves readers on a good note. I recommend this issue.

Press Release About Dark Horse Digital Sale Starting Today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Dark Horse Digital reaches a new landmark when the digital store celebrates its fourth anniversary starting this Thursday. As a thank-you to fans, Dark Horse announces four special promotions! Have a free comic on Dark Horse! Beginning Thursday, April 23, Dark Horse will issue a two-dollar credit to allconfirmed Dark Horse Digital newsletter subscribers with a registered Dark Horse Digital account! This credit can be used toward downloading a free digital comic or toward the purchase of any bundle or graphic novel. The very same day, Dark Horse Digital will also be offering 50 percent off all purchases made in the app or through the web store, including thousands of comics, graphic novels, manga, and more! And it doesn’t stop there! Confirmed Dark Horse Digital newsletter subscribers will receive an exclusive coupon for an additional 10 percent off purchases. The newsletter coupon stacks with the web store discount, offering an even greater savings on your entire…

Announcement About Upcoming Blog Post

In two weeks I will be writing a blog post on here based on my opinion of how far humanity has actually come. Hopefully it will provide food for thought.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 14 Day Of Review

There is an impressive use of backgrounds and negative space in this issue. The consistency of the proportions and designs is also close to top-notch. Speaking of designs the facial features really express the characters emotions. I do see some areas the line work could be better, but over all this is excellent work. The script is one of the best this season in terms of characterization and dialogue. I recommend this almost award-worthy level comic.

Lady Killer Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The cover looks like the the main character is trying to arouse her victim with her facial expression, which is weird! Said victim looks like a cross between a mannish woman and the main character. As for the interior story it makes no sense after the first few pages. For example the main character leaves the car she steals in front of a school to apparently cause problems for the owner, however there is no payoff. Finally we have ankles drawn wrong and consistency issues involving a submissive's body hair suddenly disappearing. In conclusion I do not recommend this issue.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 7

The confusion over the baby's gender in the Japanese version is kind of a weird thing to do. Also weird is how they don't really know the Mother in the Japanese dub, but she is apparently a neighbor in the English version. Thus the English dub makes more sense in why the hospital staff would give a baby to a relative stranger to babysit. However the original dub is funnier and feels a little less like the movie Look Who's Talking. Overall this feels just a bit too much like another filler episode, even though we get Usagi and Mamoru closer to reuniting as a couple.

   Did Look Who's Talking inspire any of the dubbing? Could they not have been a little more inventive with the latent powers' names? Anyone else notice they left in a peeing scene in the PSA message in the English dub?

 Note: This week's Sailor Moon R opinion is early due to my traveling this weekend.

Unity Issue 17 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  I really wanted to recommend this comic, but there are three definite problems in this issue. The first comes in the form of the lettering. While it is original in how it differentiates Livewire as a character, it is hard to tell where the emphasized words are without looking closely. The next problem is that she complains about a lack of a flyer on the core team but she can now fly. No explanation is really given regarding this newer ability. The third problem is the 180 degree camera rule is clearly broken in the coffee scene turned impromptu date scene at the end.

  Now there is a fourth problem but I am a little mixed on whether the crotch level angle of Livewire in bed is a truly unnecessary shot. It does somewhat hurt the character's visual integrity, though it is salvaged by the next few panels that close-up on her face.

  I can say this is a beautifully told character study with vibrant colors. However due to all the problems I found I can not recommend…

Groo Friends And Foes Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    One female admirer of Arcadio, during the first crowd scene he is in, looks like she has a broken left arm. The opening text is less lyrics to a song and more of a simple prose summary. The girl who keeps popping up leaves too soon after having joined Groo, and this makes her presence pointless. If the creative team had her join back up at the end of the issue it would have been less problematic. Finally we have the problem of Arcadio's penis head shaped chin. Said chin is distracting and disgusting in my opinion, especially because it moves around in its design. For these reasons I am not recommending this issue.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Zola Zookeeper Edition

1. The Flash #60 circa 1992 is recommended for its natural feeling PSA message and good story. Also the ending is great.

2. All-New Hawkeye #2 from 2015 I am recommending because it can stand by itself and it has the Swordsman.

3. Mega Man #48 from 2015 for being a good kids comic and video game adaptation.

4. 2015's Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor #7 humor strip that creates a new aspect to the Silence.

Sequart Organization Announces Five Books On Star Wars And Planet Of The Apes

Sequart Announces FIVE Books on STAR WARS and PLANET OF THE APES
Sequart Organization is going sci-fi in a BIG way!
With the success of last year’s analysis of Star Trek’s entire comics history, Sequart is proud to announce that work has commenced on three Star Wars books and two POTA books.
Over the next three years, Sequart will release essay anthologies analyzing all aspects of the Star Wars mythos:
•First up will be 2015’s A Long Time Ago: Exploring the Star Wars Cinematic Universe: Edited by Rich Handley and Joseph F. Berenato, this book will examine the entire big- / small-screen saga that is Star Wars. From theatrical films to TV movies, from cartoons and commercials to variety shows and video-based amusement-park rides, the mythos continues to keep audiences glued to their seats. This anthology features insightful, analytic essays about the franchise’s long history from popular film historians, novelists, bloggers, and subject-matter experts, exploring why th…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 20 Crystal Tokyo King Endymion

Starting Off with questions this time. How did the food and other resource problems get handled by King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity? Is there a limit on children birth? What if someone is in bad health and wants to die? Is Chronos still around? Will they explain in this version why Sailor Pluto is stuck between times? Why are they adding frames to certain reaction shots? Why does King Endymion apparently not know more about Black Moon? Did the original Queen Serenity have a time key?

   I found the cliffhanger to be a little weird in terms of how it was set-up. I mean Small Lady just leaving the palace for apparently no logical reason. Also I found it somewhat humorous that the logic of who Diana's parents had to be did not occur faster to Luna and Artemis. Did not enjoy the frames in the reaction shots. Overall I liked this episode, even though it mainly left me with questions.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ohio Punk Edition

1. X-Men Unlimited #42 from 2003 has stories that are either too short and simplistic or just seem to be bad stock narratives.

2. Black Hood #7 from 1992 has a poorly done premise and a headache inducing bit of narration. It is also broken up into two stories when it is really just one.

3. The Flash #328 from 1983 is just a reprint with two framing pages at the beginning and end that are original. Really it is just a cash grab.

4. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #27 from 1979 has typos, gullible goons, and a pretty lame main villain. Also it focuses on one of Peter Parker's main psychological problems (depression/anxiety) way too much. Finally they don't go to any other hero scientist or doctor to fix Spidey's vision dilemma.

Lady Killer Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning! 

  Ankles are definitely an area that the artist needs practice to improve upon. It is obvious on the cover and several pages. Facial expressions are also off at times. For example the main character runs up some stairs and her face looks frozen in a neutral look. She should look winded from having to run in heels. Finally the writing is still not at a good enough level in terms of characterization and plot. I will say I think the writing has gotten better by a small margin.

  My verdict is not to recommend this issue.

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

This is a recommended issue. Not only is there an in story summary of past events, but the aftereffects of The Valiant are being explored. The only problem with the beginning of this new series is the question of how Bloodshot got a job exactly. Perhaps that is a story we might see in an oversized issue down the line. Speaking of down the line we get excellent foreshadowing from Bloodshot's hallucinations. One of the hallucinations displays one of the best special effects in comics I have ever seen. This is the cartoon sidekick Bloodshot coming out of the television. The coloring and art come together to create a true master work of an issue.

Mind Management Issue 31 Mini-Review

There is not a lot I can say about this issue. The line work is very strong and the visual part of the narrative is clear. It is kind of new reader friendly even though it is part of the last story arc. However, the writing is confusing at the beginning of the issue and this really hurts the book. Despite this problem I feel it is worth recommending to anyone already invested in the series. Also recommended for those who are willing to plow through a confusing opening.

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Punk Punks Punchy Punch Edition

1. What was the fifth human to ever hold a spear known as?

2. What was the fifth human to pick up a rock known as?

3. What was the fifth story ever told orally about?

4. What was the first erotic thought about?

Green River Killer Trade Dark Horse Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—This October, experience the story of one of America’s most notorious killers as Green River Killer heads to paperback for the first time. Throughout the 1980s, the highest priority of Seattle-area police was the apprehension of the Green River Killer, the man responsible for the murders of dozens of women. In 1990, with the body count numbering at least forty-eight, the case was put in the hands of a single detective, Tom Jensen. After twenty years, when the killer was finally captured with the help of DNA technology, Jensen spent 180 days interviewing Gary Leon Ridgway in an effort to learn his most closely held secrets—an epic confrontation with evil that proved as disturbing and surreal as can be imagined. Written by Jensen’s own son, acclaimed entertainment writer Jeff Jensen, Green River Killer: A True Detective Story presents the ultimate insider’s account of America’s most prolific serial killer. Sure to appeal to fans of True Detective, G…

Archie Vs. Predator Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The regular cover presents the most accurate representation for what the interior narrative is like. Meaning that this is more of a horror-comedy than a strict horror comic like Afterlife With Archie. This first issue of Archie vs. Predator is more of a set-up issue with one glaring problem. Said problem is that the locale changes twice and weakens the start of this mini-series. However this element does allow for Dilton to witness a plot point that may get mentioned later. While this has less than I expected in terms of the kill count it is a pretty solid comic. I recommend readers check this first issue out.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 6

Gah! This episode is so annoying! Partly due to the fact that it is just another emotion causes a sailor scout to power up in an illogical way episode. However, the main reason this episode is annoying are the Charlie Brown maturity level brats in Minako encounters. I really want to know how they got away with talking to adults like they did. Also almost no one, except possibly Usagi & the Moonlight Knight, is likable this episode. I mean three of the scouts dump the work on Usagi and Minako is emotionally blackmailed into helping. Finally both dubs are similar enough that I really felt like I was almost watching the same episode twice.

   Questions! Were the writers of both dubs lazy when it came to characterization in this episodes scripts? Why is Usagi the only one who can use the Transformation Pen? Is Artemis really a pervert like Luna and Minako say he is? Why did no one mention latent powers till this episode?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Aloha Punk Brewster Edition

1. The Flash #101 from 1995 is a good exploration of the upgrade Wally West got in issue 100. It also moves several characters forward and provides interesting battle aftermath moments.

2. The Flash #61 from 1992 is a decent non-violent superhero attended wedding issue and that is a rarity.

3. Ms. Marvel #14 from 2015 has great art and a great twist ending. Plus it has a realistic speech about multi-cultural dating. The only problem is one typo.

4. The Dr. Strange story 'If Eternity Should Fail!' from Strange Tales #138 circa 1965. It has some great Steve Dito artwork and introduces cosmic mainstay Eternity.

Ghost Issue 10 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    A woman holding her children apparently smiles as a supporting character dies on the last page. WTH! Besides this problem there are issues of appearing and disappearing food, weird camera angles, and poor anatomy proportions.* ** The writing feels heavy handed and lacks lighter moments in the narrative. As for the lettering, it is a little off in terms of the font style on one word of the summary. I do not recommend this comic.

*The breakfast scene shows a full selection of food that keeps changing with each panel.

**An example of the weird camera angles is the first time Elisa is shown in bed. This panel also features her lower leg bulging in a way that looks unhealthy.

The Art Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Advance Review

I was expecting a few interviews towards the back with the focus of this art book being mostly the art. Surprisingly this turned out not to be the format. Instead we get historical factoids, documents, and interviews galore to go with the impressive displays of art. Each era, from creation to current times, is covered in this gorgeous book/conversation piece. If there is one major downside it is that the book should have been given a volume one numbering. I say this because it will at some point be needing a second volume expansion to be published with new art from future projects.

    Overall this is a highly recommended work that He-ManMasters Of The Universe and She-Ra Princess Of Power fans young and old can enjoy.

Conan Red Sonja Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    The writing is flawed for several reasons. Though I believe Simone's main problems are the emotionally open Conan and the heroes believing the main villain's promise. We also get a dumb bond/super villain type trap scenario when the King (from issue 1) has captured the duo and does not immediately kill them. It makes no logical sense and is a poor choice of trope/cliche. Finally the art has several flaws from consistency to broken back syndrome. I do not recommend this comic.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Quantum Your Goat God Edition

1. The Flash #282, indicia dated February 1980, is too reliant on the reader having read a lot of previous material. It could also have made the middle part involving Green Lantern and Reverse Flash either the focus or a different issue.

2. Justice Society Of America #7 from 2007 has three flaws. One is a patient's neck turned to the point of looking broken. Two is the Ball Park Hotdog ad insert being several pages and breaking up the story too much. Finally Power Girl, Green Lantern or Flash could have taken out the 10 bad guys unassisted. The fact that a fraction of the Society is needed to do this while including Power Girl is ridiculous.

3. The Flash #102 from 1995 is horrible due to the over-use of minimalistic art, especially when several figures lack faces.

4. The promotional reprint comic Prince Valiant R-08 published by Charlton Comics back in 1973. Only one of the stories stands the test of time, and just barely at that. This is the short time travel story starring Brick…

Dark Horse Presents Issue 7 (200) Review

Gabriel Ba could use some practice on his proportions for head sizes, at least where Hellboy is concerned. The Hellboy story is merely entertaining with very little added to the character or mythos. Other stories in this anthology that are just entertaining are 'Dirty Bad Science' starring Ape-X and 'Point Taken' and 'Mermaids' starring Pino However if one wants stories that are entertaining and interesting then Semi-Automagic,Sabertooth Swordsman & Mind Management are recommended.

  'Masks' is more a cautionary tale that is not for every reader. The latest installment of Dream Gang is pretty, but it relies on the previous parts too much. Finally Groo The Wanderer is a headache in terms of dialogue.

  Overall I recommend most of the stories in this work.

Itty Bitty Comics 6 Grimmiss Island Part 2 Mini-Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    The story starts a little bit slow and the pacing is a bit disjointed in some way I can't define. However this is a good second part that moves the story forward. It also has an a few upside down pages of art that work just fine due to the text being right side up. Some explanation of Grimmiss's powers is given in this issue. Also a fun bit is done with his point-of-view. I would not say this is a perfect choice for all kids, but it is a recommended story for those who are learning Spanish.

Rai Issue 8 Mini-Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

 I personally did not like the twist to the issue's story. However I feel that from an ongoing series standpoint the twist ending makes sense. Though Matt Kindt could have avoided making most of the issue a flashback story and thus making it obvious to the reader where the twist was going to happen. As for Clayton Crain's art, it is good in terms of capturing the right amount of kinetic action. This is a good issue overall and I recommend it.

Rebels Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   This is a horribly paced comic book. The art is sketchy but not a bad choice for the subject matter. We are not given any reason to care about the characters. Those who have no interest in America or its version of history are given no reason to care. There is a disclaimer at the beginning that admits that not all the events are going to be true to documented accounts of the American Revolution. Finally Brian Wood makes his political views a part of this story by his talk of 2015. This is a big no in these politically divisive times, especially when said views are apparently extremist. I honesty can not think of any positives for this comic and thus do not recommend it.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 5

Note: Several questions are interspersed with the opinion this time.

   The way the new power up and weapon come about in this episode is not as good as how Sailor Moon Crystal presents it. I mean is Queen Serenity dead or not? How is Usagi in her own mind and why does her mental state disrupt her power? Plus did we really need naked Usagi? That being said I did like the wing and feather effects that are added to the transformation. Why it is called a rod instead of a scepter in the Japanese Dub?

   Several things I questioned about the episode: How come Rei's Fire Soul breath is not a battle technique? For that matter why was it cut from the English Dub? Why were the Scouts not ready and transformed if they were expecting a battle? I have to wonder if stalking was not a big concern in Japan in the early 1990s due to Usagi only mentioning Ail's behavior in the English Dub? It would be disconcerting if that were true.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 So Why Versus So What Edition

1. 1978's Super-Team Family #15 does not work because of the idea of Orion's expanding body supposedly having the potential to crush a sun. This is pseudo-science being used to the point of breaking a reader's suspension of disbelief.

2. 2015's Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #7 reveals the antagonist's past, but fails to tell the reader exactly who he is and gives a very poor motivation for his actions. It is more a script problem versus a visual problem.

3. Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe #6 from IDW in 2015. Too chaotic in terms of the sequence of events. It also can not stand on its own merits without the next issue and the previous issues.

4. Published by Topps Comic, Inc. in 1993 we have 'Satan's Six A Memo To Mephistopheles' from Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga #0. This story is horrible in keeping proportions consistent even with a thing as simple as a mouth.

Imperium Issue 3 Day Of Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The cover, while beautiful work, is a bit of a problem in terms of the character spotlighted versus the   character that is the main focus of this issue. However the Vine referenced on the cover is at least given an explanation for why it appears on this issue's and last issue's covers. In regards to the interior art and story we get visual and dialogue hints foreshadowing future events. Heck some of the hints also suggest more of Harada's history being explored. So as third issues go this is a great jumping on point and it can stand on its own merits as a story. I recommend hopping aboard this chapter in the Harbinger saga.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Why With The Why Not Edition

1. The Spider: Book Two Of Three Blood Mark published by Eclipse Books in 1991. Great adaptation that keeps the spirit of the original pulp incarnation. The real treasure is the Will Murray essay about The Spider and his weirdness at the end.

2. Another Eclipse Books recommended comic is The Spider: Reign Of The Vampire King: Book One Of Three Wings Of The Night from 1992. Same reasoning as the above recommendation, except instead of a Will Murray essay there are facts about Bats.

3. The Spider: Book Three Of Three Blood Mask (Mark?) from 1991 is recommended for the same reason as the above two. Except this time we get the history of how this two part three book apiece limited series came about courtesy of Timothy Truman.

4. 1982's Marvel Team-Up # 113 has a decent, for its time frame, story of Spider-Man & Quasar. The characters do have the writing problem of talking/thinking about what is occurring in the visuals. However since this was still a product of the times and is no…

X-O Manowar Issue 35 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

This issue is more original than the last one in terms of the writing. What is especially original is the jump in Earth time. Most writers ignore or forget this rule regarding light years (a measurement of distance) and its translation to years. So kudos to Robert Venditti for getting this written. The writing also works well with the art for creating desperation and despair when it comes to the Loam scenes. Helped by this is the coloring job by Brian Reber & Ulises Arreola. I recommend this comic for those looking for an entertaining high-quality read, or just a comic where the aftermath of destruction is explored during the main story.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19 Time Warp Sailor Pluto

Usagi being jealous of her daughter is always going to be weird to me. Also I am still surprised by many things in this anime since I have not yet read any edition of the manga. One surprise is the little Sailor Pluto does and can do in this episode. However she still is cool in terms of her design, and this includes her weapon design. Finally it is weird that we just get introduced to the two henchmen brothers now, but with how fast this anime is going I shouldn't be surprised.

    Questions! If Sailor Pluto is the time travel guardian who appointed her to that position? If Usagi and the others are between times how could they move? So are the villains in the dark about the crystals being the same in power, because if they aren't that would mean their plan could have been simpler? Why is Usagi jealous in the first place? Did Mamoru just give Usagi her first time during that scene with the flower symbolism?

Tomb Raider Issue 14 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   This issue is not recommended, unless you are a super hardcore fan of Tomb Raider. You have to be in order to look past the plot holes involving the police and coast guard. Not to mention how much this issue feels like set-up. In regards to the art there is a problem with the line work, which is not always consistent in all the panels. It actually looks weak if you study it from figure to figure. However the art and writing are better than what was published within the last issue. A final mark in the plus column is the cover foreshadows some of the interior narrative. Overall the creative team need to work on improving their weaknesses in their respective creative areas.

Rat God Issue 2 Review

This comic has hooked me with the weird twists and turns in the narrative. There is a problem with the 2nd issue's ability to stand on its merits alone due to how bizarre the story is becoming. However I do like the sort of supernatural and comic strip feel to the art and thematic narrative. For instance the cover design evokes tribal horror involving rat people consuming humans and then performing an odd ritual with the elder of the community. This comic is not for the faint of heart or those who need things spelled out for them. Therefore I recommend this issue for fans of horror and the supernatural who can read between the lines.

Quantum And Woody Must Die Issue 3 With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   There is a lot of poop and emoticons in this issue which work in the dialogue's favor. The coloring really helps make certain jokes, such as the emoticons, pop. If there is one problem it is that we don't know the full amount of people and creatures that die because of Woody. He ate a living animal for crying out loud! Speaking of death, there are some that are hard to seeing coming, and the one that is obvious will make readers say "Quantum And Woody Must Die!" I recommend this issue for those looking for visual gags, poop jokes, and a fun read.

Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1952 Issue 4 Review

Certain areas of the cover look muddy in terms of how the coloring was done. Overall it looks intriguing and original enough that this problem is reduced in level. The line work is great on the interiors and has much better job done in coloring. There is a lot of depth on several of the pages, especially the last few pages. As for the final page it has a twist in the narrative I was not expecting. The dialogue is pretty realistic for a supernatural tale. All said I recommend it for fans of the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. saga and anyone else old enough to read this book.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 4

It is weird seeing Mamoru talking to a different version of himself (The Moonlight Knight). Speaking of the Knight, his foot looks really flat right before he takes his leave. Also interesting is the obvious differences in art styles from scene to scene. For example things like An and Ail's faces change depth depending on the style used. Speaking of changes I do prefer the English Dub's reason for Usagi going to the arcade to meet her dad and brother. Another thing I like is the dad's Japanese line about a parent's duty to their kids. Though I still think he is a bit of doofus in a fight. Seriously he has a fire extinguisher that can be thrown or swung at the monster and he does neither.

     Questions! Why was a Rainbow Crystal monster reused as a hologram monster? Did anyone else notice the guy waiting in line with the full beard in this episode and think it was unusually awesome?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wrecking Upon A Time Edition

1. Mega Man #47 from 2015 makes the recommended list for allowing a character to attempt talking out a problem with an opponent during a battle without it becoming cliched.

2. Samurai Executioner Volume 1 When The Demon Knife Weeps published in 2004 by Dark Horse is a brutal manga. It is a great series of tales featuring Lone Wolf And Cub's Decapitator Asaemon. The only drawback is the 180 degree visual rule gets broken at least one time.

3. Captain America/Citizen V '98 published by Marvel Comics in 1998.  Is a good team-up comic with shout-outs to Golden Age moments like Bucky being allowed to use a gun in World War 2. Also cool is the fact all the characters are intelligent and have unique voices.

4. Ms. Marvel #13 circa 2015 is recommended for the fact that it points out people can change and that there are negative factions in any community. All this while being entertaining and kind of whimsical.

Groo: Friends And Foes Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    The top of the first page is quite busy, and the Conan opening dialogue parody is still not amusing. In fact the bottom of the first page features a bar scene that always looks similar to the previous issue's. On the plus side we get actual villains this time and no "broken back syndrome" art. However those two things are the only good bits from my viewpoint of the events shown. Others may like the sidekick story at the end and the confusing fight scene featuring many Groos, but I found them to be too reliant on cliches. Said cliches are as follows: Groo's imagined invincible nature due to his opponents fear and stupid actions. Clones and original fight each other due to identity issues. The final cliche is people running in fear from Groo. It is for these reasons I can't recommend this issue.