Dark Horse Presents Issue 7 (200) Review

  Gabriel Ba could use some practice on his proportions for head sizes, at least where Hellboy is concerned. The Hellboy story is merely entertaining with very little added to the character or mythos. Other stories in this anthology that are just entertaining are 'Dirty Bad Science' starring Ape-X and 'Point Taken' and 'Mermaids' starring Pino However if one wants stories that are entertaining and interesting then Semi-Automagic, Sabertooth Swordsman & Mind Management are recommended.

  'Masks' is more a cautionary tale that is not for every reader. The latest installment of Dream Gang is pretty, but it relies on the previous parts too much. Finally Groo The Wanderer is a headache in terms of dialogue.

  Overall I recommend most of the stories in this work.


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