Groo: Friends And Foes Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

   Spoiler Warning!

    The top of the first page is quite busy, and the Conan opening dialogue parody is still not amusing. In fact the bottom of the first page features a bar scene that always looks similar to the previous issue's. On the plus side we get actual villains this time and no "broken back syndrome" art. However those two things are the only good bits from my viewpoint of the events shown. Others may like the sidekick story at the end and the confusing fight scene featuring many Groos, but I found them to be too reliant on cliches. Said cliches are as follows: Groo's imagined invincible nature due to his opponents fear and stupid actions. Clones and original fight each other due to identity issues. The final cliche is people running in fear from Groo. It is for these reasons I can't recommend this issue.


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