In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 4

    It is weird seeing Mamoru talking to a different version of himself (The Moonlight Knight). Speaking of the Knight, his foot looks really flat right before he takes his leave. Also interesting is the obvious differences in art styles from scene to scene. For example things like An and Ail's faces change depth depending on the style used. Speaking of changes I do prefer the English Dub's reason for Usagi going to the arcade to meet her dad and brother. Another thing I like is the dad's Japanese line about a parent's duty to their kids. Though I still think he is a bit of doofus in a fight. Seriously he has a fire extinguisher that can be thrown or swung at the monster and he does neither.

     Questions! Why was a Rainbow Crystal monster reused as a hologram monster? Did anyone else notice the guy waiting in line with the full beard in this episode and think it was unusually awesome?


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