In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 6

   Gah! This episode is so annoying! Partly due to the fact that it is just another emotion causes a sailor scout to power up in an illogical way episode. However, the main reason this episode is annoying are the Charlie Brown maturity level brats in Minako encounters. I really want to know how they got away with talking to adults like they did. Also almost no one, except possibly Usagi & the Moonlight Knight, is likable this episode. I mean three of the scouts dump the work on Usagi and Minako is emotionally blackmailed into helping. Finally both dubs are similar enough that I really felt like I was almost watching the same episode twice.

   Questions! Were the writers of both dubs lazy when it came to characterization in this episodes scripts? Why is Usagi the only one who can use the Transformation Pen? Is Artemis really a pervert like Luna and Minako say he is? Why did no one mention latent powers till this episode?


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