In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 7

   The confusion over the baby's gender in the Japanese version is kind of a weird thing to do. Also weird is how they don't really know the Mother in the Japanese dub, but she is apparently a neighbor in the English version. Thus the English dub makes more sense in why the hospital staff would give a baby to a relative stranger to babysit. However the original dub is funnier and feels a little less like the movie Look Who's Talking. Overall this feels just a bit too much like another filler episode, even though we get Usagi and Mamoru closer to reuniting as a couple.

   Did Look Who's Talking inspire any of the dubbing? Could they not have been a little more inventive with the latent powers' names? Anyone else notice they left in a peeing scene in the PSA message in the English dub?

   Note: This week's Sailor Moon R opinion is early due to my traveling this weekend.


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