Ivar Timewalker Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The regular cover is kind of just there in terms of its artistic merit. I mean it does not tie into the story or cause any emotion (at least in me). The second problem this issue has is with the art on the last two pages. On the second to last page there is the arms lacking strong line work and a look of kinetic motion. However the last page has the artistic problem of Mecha-Neela's outfit looking painted on to a naked body. For example her breast, navel and crotch regions seem almost on display.

   These problems aside this issue has a great story in terms of fleshing out Neela's past and character. There are several funny jokes including one involving a patient bartender dealing with several Neelas, a problem gun shows have had for decades, and a back to the future reference. The small amount of pages devoted to Ivar keep the story from feeling like a misnomered one-shot. I recommend this issue for Valiant fans, and newcomers to Valiant, and time-travel enthusiasts.


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