Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ohio Punk Edition

1. X-Men Unlimited #42 from 2003 has stories that are either too short and simplistic or just seem to be bad stock narratives.

2. Black Hood #7 from 1992 has a poorly done premise and a headache inducing bit of narration. It is also broken up into two stories when it is really just one.

3. The Flash #328 from 1983 is just a reprint with two framing pages at the beginning and end that are original. Really it is just a cash grab.

4. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #27 from 1979 has typos, gullible goons, and a pretty lame main villain. Also it focuses on one of Peter Parker's main psychological problems (depression/anxiety) way too much. Finally they don't go to any other hero scientist or doctor to fix Spidey's vision dilemma.


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