Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Quantum Your Goat God Edition

1. The Flash #282, indicia dated February 1980, is too reliant on the reader having read a lot of previous material. It could also have made the middle part involving Green Lantern and Reverse Flash either the focus or a different issue.

2. Justice Society Of America #7 from 2007 has three flaws. One is a patient's neck turned to the point of looking broken. Two is the Ball Park Hotdog ad insert being several pages and breaking up the story too much. Finally Power Girl, Green Lantern or Flash could have taken out the 10 bad guys unassisted. The fact that a fraction of the Society is needed to do this while including Power Girl is ridiculous.

3. The Flash #102 from 1995 is horrible due to the over-use of minimalistic art, especially when several figures lack faces.

4. The promotional reprint comic Prince Valiant R-08 published by Charlton Comics back in 1973. Only one of the stories stands the test of time, and just barely at that. This is the short time travel story starring Brick Bradford. Flash Gordon's story is almost good except for the outdated science fiction technology and small dialogue problems.


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