Recommended Comics List Of 4 Why With The Why Not Edition

1. The Spider: Book Two Of Three Blood Mark published by Eclipse Books in 1991. Great adaptation that keeps the spirit of the original pulp incarnation. The real treasure is the Will Murray essay about The Spider and his weirdness at the end.

2. Another Eclipse Books recommended comic is The Spider: Reign Of The Vampire King: Book One Of Three Wings Of The Night from 1992. Same reasoning as the above recommendation, except instead of a Will Murray essay there are facts about Bats.

3. The Spider: Book Three Of Three Blood Mask (Mark?) from 1991 is recommended for the same reason as the above two. Except this time we get the history of how this two part three book apiece limited series came about courtesy of Timothy Truman.

4. 1982's Marvel Team-Up # 113 has a decent, for its time frame, story of Spider-Man & Quasar. The characters do have the writing problem of talking/thinking about what is occurring in the visuals. However since this was still a product of the times and is not on every panel I will let it slide. The main reason I am recommending this issue is how the lead characters act intelligently for the most part. Also this story avoids the standard heroes meet, misunderstand and fight each other that Marvel has made a cliche.


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