Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wrecking Upon A Time Edition

1. Mega Man #47 from 2015 makes the recommended list for allowing a character to attempt talking out a problem with an opponent during a battle without it becoming cliched.

2. Samurai Executioner Volume 1 When The Demon Knife Weeps published in 2004 by Dark Horse is a brutal manga. It is a great series of tales featuring Lone Wolf And Cub's Decapitator Asaemon. The only drawback is the 180 degree visual rule gets broken at least one time.

3. Captain America/Citizen V '98 published by Marvel Comics in 1998.  Is a good team-up comic with shout-outs to Golden Age moments like Bucky being allowed to use a gun in World War 2. Also cool is the fact all the characters are intelligent and have unique voices.

4. Ms. Marvel #13 circa 2015 is recommended for the fact that it points out people can change and that there are negative factions in any community. All this while being entertaining and kind of whimsical.


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