Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19 Time Warp Sailor Pluto

   Usagi being jealous of her daughter is always going to be weird to me. Also I am still surprised by many things in this anime since I have not yet read any edition of the manga. One surprise is the little Sailor Pluto does and can do in this episode. However she still is cool in terms of her design, and this includes her weapon design. Finally it is weird that we just get introduced to the two henchmen brothers now, but with how fast this anime is going I shouldn't be surprised.

    Questions! If Sailor Pluto is the time travel guardian who appointed her to that position? If Usagi and the others are between times how could they move? So are the villains in the dark about the crystals being the same in power, because if they aren't that would mean their plan could have been simpler? Why is Usagi jealous in the first place? Did Mamoru just give Usagi her first time during that scene with the flower symbolism?


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