Sailor Moon Crystal Act 20 Crystal Tokyo King Endymion

   Starting Off with questions this time. How did the food and other resource problems get handled by King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity? Is there a limit on children birth? What if someone is in bad health and wants to die? Is Chronos still around? Will they explain in this version why Sailor Pluto is stuck between times? Why are they adding frames to certain reaction shots? Why does King Endymion apparently not know more about Black Moon? Did the original Queen Serenity have a time key?

   I found the cliffhanger to be a little weird in terms of how it was set-up. I mean Small Lady just leaving the palace for apparently no logical reason. Also I found it somewhat humorous that the logic of who Diana's parents had to be did not occur faster to Luna and Artemis. Did not enjoy the frames in the reaction shots. Overall I liked this episode, even though it mainly left me with questions.


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