Unity Issue 17 Review With Spoilers

  Spoiler Warning!

  I really wanted to recommend this comic, but there are three definite problems in this issue. The first comes in the form of the lettering. While it is original in how it differentiates Livewire as a character, it is hard to tell where the emphasized words are without looking closely. The next problem is that she complains about a lack of a flyer on the core team but she can now fly. No explanation is really given regarding this newer ability. The third problem is the 180 degree camera rule is clearly broken in the coffee scene turned impromptu date scene at the end.

  Now there is a fourth problem but I am a little mixed on whether the crotch level angle of Livewire in bed is a truly unnecessary shot. It does somewhat hurt the character's visual integrity, though it is salvaged by the next few panels that close-up on her face.

  I can say this is a beautifully told character study with vibrant colors. However due to all the problems I found I can not recommend this issue.


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